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About Jo

Jo has over sixteen years experience in the wedding industry, helping to create seamless, stress free, authentic and candid celebrations and events.

Jo Royal | Grace and Honour Weddings Exeter

From early on in my life I have been immersed in vibrant celebrations, with a large extended family hailing from all over the world, surrounding me. Building relationships and connections is integral to my being and as a natural organiser gathering people together is my passion, both in my professional and personal life, from small and intimate to larger and lavish.

After graduating with a degree in History and The Arts in Education from Canterbury, I trained as an English teacher, travelling extensively in Asia, India and then working in Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia.

Jo Royal | Grace and Honour Weddings Exeter

On my return to England, I settled in Devon with my family. During this time I co-ordinated weddings for catering event company Dartmoor Kitchen and also worked as a set designer for a small film society which gave me an invaluable eye for detail and styling.

Four years ago, after twelve years of working alongside Dartmoor Kitchen as their co-ordinator, I decided to set up on my own and become a freelance Wedding Planner. My previous work has given me an in depth knowledge of the best venues in Devon, and I’ve been able to build phenomenal relationships with a vast range of suppliers from all over the UK.

Over the past 16 years I have worked with couples from all over the world, including a few celebrities. I understand that every couple is unique and I believe in true collaboration, so listen closely to your vision for your wedding to ensure that we can create this.

Come the day of your wedding, you will therefore have the benefit of not only a new friend but someone to relieve you of any management concerns. I will endeavour to discreetly create a genuine and authentic Wedding Day that is a true reflection of your dreams, aspirations and personalities.

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