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Wedding Day Management

Jo Royal | Grace and Honour Weddings Exeter

After having loved planning your own wedding I would imagine you don’t envisage yourself or your friends directing and organising, with schedules crumpled in pockets, focussing on  ‘what’s next’ on the actual day, instead of enjoying every last moment! (Or the day before come to that).

This is where I can be on hand, ensuring all is in place, welcoming your suppliers, directing them to the places they should be, gently organising behind the scenes, moving decor from rooms, lighting candles, tidying up behind your guests, arranging taxi’s and smoothing any hiccups discreetly. Guiding your guests, making cups of tea for your grandparents are all part and parcel of on the day co-ordination.

Details are the key to your day and in collaboration with you I can create a schedule for you and your suppliers, making last minute changes if necessary.

You are then able to relax and immerse yourselves fully into the day,

From moment to moment…